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Just in Case I Die Tomorrow (though I don't expect to)

  07/08/12 18:16, by , Categories: General

Today's post is dedicated to my children. I am having surgery tomorrow, and while I see it as no big deal, it will be under general anaesthesia, and Sharleen lost her father to a no big deal surgery - a cataract operation - because of an anaesthetical screw-up.

Then there is karma. You see, I have spent so much of my existence ruing it that it would serve me right if I dropped dead under the knife, well endoscope really. So with those pleasant thoughts running through my head, I leave a note for my children and wife just in case the no-big-deal surgery turns into a big deal. They already know that they are perfect and wonderful and the light of my life. But as I can not help myself, I must leave some hopefully not final words of advice:

Make a little music everyday. I will be there in every song and tune. A person should go about with a song in his heart, and as you have no reason not to, you might as well.

Pick something to do, and do it well (remember that "Excellence is its own reward"), but don't get stuck. If it is not for you, move on. You might find you are great at something, but it is not great for you. Don't ever be afraid to let it go, no matter what you have already invested, and move on to the next something.

Don't not do something because you don't think you can do it well enough. Life is too short not to take risks, and it is in the overcoming of the challenges at the end of or just outside our comfort zone that we gain the most in life. That, and if you are not afraid of looking stupid, you will be in a position to have the most fun. Never, ever, be afraid to play.

Make your world work for you. If the microphone is at the wrong height, fix it, don't stoop over. If you need a tool, ask for it. Nothing is fixed, except in our minds. Feel free to change your mind.

If you don't know, ask. Though you think it might make you look stupid, it usually makes you look smarter, and it is always stupider not to understand.

Reflect a little, preferably every day. Keep a journal or a blog. Feel free to put in it what you want, a picture, a leaf, a story. Acknowledge others and yourself. Forgive yourself, no matter what you do. You will screw up. If you don't, you are not living. Just do your best to make it right and move on. You never know when the next tomorrow will not come, so bring peace and happiness to today.

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