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March 2, 2018

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Dear Ilan:

You wanted to know what I've been doing. Here's the list:

  1. I arrived February 18. I took a bus into the city. I wanted to visit Roger. He was on his way to a wedding. So I went out to the rents instead.
  2. Monday, I went to Young Israel to pray. It was President's day; they didn't have their early Minyan. I went to Congregation Agudath Shalom instead. I started doing donut drops.
  3. I did more Tuesday. I hit nineteen places between Monday and Wednesday. I also think I took Pop to his cancer doctor. It must have been early in the week anyway as I did finish the crossword.
  4. Wednesday afternoon, I attended a funeral. I still don't know whose it was. Rabbi Cohen (who isn't a Cohen) asked if I could. I didn't really see any reason why I couldn't.
  5. Somehow, I was too tired to completely read the bench brief for Thursday's National Environmental Moot Court Competition. I had an amazing time. I hung with the old lawyers.

    I'm suddenly feeling quite old. The first year law students who were acting as bailiffs for the competition were born the year I graduated law school.
  6. I came home, sent out follow up e-mails to the people I'd visited Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I took a train for the city to catch a bus to Montreal. The bus broke down, so I got to spend three or so hours at the highway service depot in Cairo, New York.
  7. We made Montreal by noon. I started walking off to the Chabad of Old Town to see if I could arrange for Shabbat, or I thought I did. I went in the wrong direction. Then I went back in the right direction. It was closed. So I walked over to the hotel where our Kappa Alpha Society initiation was to happen later in the day. I was early by a few hours, so the rental agent handed me the key and gave me the instructions. She also got me in touch with Chabad of Westmount, where I would pray and spend a few meals. After chatting to the workmen, who were finishing cleaning up, I had L'Hotel Peculiar all to myself. I wrote you all a little note. I showered.
  8. Isaac showed up. I gave him the codes and keys and trooped off to Chabad, getting nicely lost along the way. I was still there on time, a good forty to 45 minute walk. I ate there with the Rabbi and some silly boys from Brooklyn who were in Montreal on the bachelor party outing of one of them.
  9. The next morning, I determined to go to a different synagogue, supposedly close to Chabad, but not quite of the same flavor. I wanted to pray and be done. Well, after going wrong to the tune of about forty minutes of walking, I ended at Chabad, through a very lunch like kiddush.
  10. Sunday was spent traveling home. I had a ride all the way to New Jersey in my friend Jim's BMW. I took a train from Secaucus to Penn Station, visited Dahlia for a few minutes, and headed back to Stamford.
  11. Monday, Mom and I went to Best Buy and Costco, and I took a nap. Then I went back to New York for some Continuing Legal education.
  12. Tuesday, I took pop to the ear doctor. Then I went in to assist at Landmark. I didn't want to wake the rents, so I walked home from the train station. I've done a lot of walking.
  13. Wednesday we visited the accountant, I think. I'm getting my dates off.
  14. Wednesday also was the Fast of Ester. I went to visit Mrs. Echental with Mom. I went to Kindergarten and First grade with her daughter, Naomi. Arthur, Naomi's dad, died last week, and we had only just found out. I went back in the afternoon, saw Naomi, and then headed over to Fidelity, to stop by and say hello to my friends Aaron and Amber.
  15. And then there was Purim. I made a new friend. I'll tell you about him later.
  16. And then I stayed up until three or so making a list of people I could visit yesterday. I went to early Megillah reading, did two donut drops, then came home because I thought Pop had his senior group. He didn't; so I went out again. I have an appointment with a Chiropractor for next Thursday, on the facebook marketing side. I hit nine businesses yesterday and dropped off some donuts with Aaron and Amber as well.
  17. I came home. I tried to listen to a webinar, but fell asleep. Then I went to a reception at the the other Rabbi's house. Then to Minchah. Celebrations sponsored by Hecky Attar, off to the Hannah's, back to synagogue for Maariv, and eventually home to Oma and Saba's. I rowed my worst 10k ever, and finally got to bed.
  18. I've kept my rowing up along the way.
  19. I miss you all.

And what I really wanted to write about is the storm. There's a huge one here, and it's going to cause massive flooding and a lot of damage. But that's not how it feels here. Here it feels like spring. It feels alive. I just felt so peaceful going to synagogue in the rain this morning. It just seemed somehow connected between past and future and now. And I didn't know how to put it in words, and it sounded so silly romantic. Sometimes you just get that feeling of home.

I am going to take the next hour to follow up with people. I'm still thinking about what I've learned. Maybe I'll have time to share that a little later.

Anyway, I love you.

Have a great Shabbat.

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